MCAT offers cameras, tripods, lighting and microphones for community producers to check out for free and in exchange community producers provide content for MCAT’s cable channels. The equipment must be used for non-commercial purposes. Please talk to MCAT staff if you are being paid to use our equipment. Community producers must attend an MCAT tour and training prior to using equipment. The default date and time is the second Wednesday of each month at 5:30pm. Call us at (406) 213-3648 if this date and time does not fit your schedule.

Producers can check out equipment for four days, during the week or over the weekend. We loan out two types of Canon cameras, the Rebel T5 which is a DSLR and the Vixia HFR50 which is a standard camcorder. We have Libec tripods, two Lowell light kits, Sennheiser shotgun and wireless microphones.

The MCAT studio is 28 x 30 feet and features a green screen, black out curtains and a few set pieces. The studio use includes a control room switcher for up to three robotic cameras. The switcher also generates titles, lower thirds and virtual sets. There is an audio mixer for boom and lavalier microphones. Typical studio usage blocks are for four hours.

MCAT has six edit stations featuring Apple Final Cut Pro 10. There is one station for Adobe Premiere. MCAT staff can arrange one-on-one training for novices to learn these programs.

To learn more attend an MCAT tour and training on the second Wednesday of each month at 5:30pm. You can read the MCAT Producer Handbook at from this link.